Update v0.2.5 – Beta Prairie 2.0

Attention Colonists, a large new update has landed for Stars End. We have reworked several major elements and while there are hundreds of fixes, only major changes are listed below. And of-course, it`s our pleasure to present you with Beta Prarie 2.0 – a good look at what final planets will look like. New Beta Prairie planet is huge – roughly 10x the size of the old planet. It features over 25km of new highways, redesigned towns and dozens of new POIs.

Next up – we are working on several very big and exciting features. First of all – full localization will be added within a week or so, including Korean, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Up next is the big space station update, populating the universe with 100s of space stations for players to explore or claim. At the same time we hope to add huge asteroid belts. And lets not forget the NOVa – the near orbit vehicle that will enable going into space even in very early game.

Same time we are working on finally getting the finalized gathering and crafting into the game, but this is a huge project that will take us towards the end of February.

And so…. presenting update 0.2.5:

Steam and Accounts
• The database has been wiped
• Steam ID Changed – the game no longer uses your steam name as your ID but a backend steam ID.
• Security enabled so the game can no longer be loaded outside of steam.
• First and Last Name added to creation screen

Beta Prairie 2.0
• A new version of Beta Prairie has been added, which is roughly 10x the size of the old planet. New highways, towns and POIs have been enabled around the planet.
• The major POIs of Clayton Shire are Redberry, Clayton and Area 22.
• 30 minor POIs have been created which spawn procedurally around the planet
• About 25km of new road has been layed across the shire (and so much more coming soon!)

Territory Capture
• Territory capture has been re-coded from the ground up. In order to support a large amount of territories to control, some big changes had to be made.
• Capture territory by joining a faction – owning a territory allows you to spawn directly in town.
• The respawn screen has been revised to reflect point capture changes
• Players now only have to stand near a point to begin capturing.
• Further UI enhances have been added, such as the territory tab in Inventory, and Flashing ABC icons if the point is being captured
• Join a faction quest enabled if you either finish or skip tutorial

• Reworked the way items and backpacks are retrieved at startup, potentially fixing the inventory issues (requires testing).
• Procedural substance textures removed, potentially fixing a crash when joining a server (requires testing).
• Ground vehicles now spawn in environment – find them around clayton shire there are only a certain number of vehicles allowed to spawn at any one time. Make sure you take care of your vehicle or another player might get hold of it! (space fighter spawns coming next patch)
• A bug at loading screen is resolved which was causing players to get stuck on retrieving position if character creation was not completed previously
• Procedural building stairs and ramps should no longer cause a shake if going up them
• Procedural buildings door issue is resolved
• Makeshift backpack recipe added as a temporary measure for increasing weight
• Improved error console reporting created for server