Pre-Alpha Testing Invites Coming Soon!

Welcome to Stars End. A new – for now even unannounced – title from Reverie World Studios. With Stars End our vision is to redefine what it means to be a Space Cowboy. Mine, trade, pillage, explore planets and pilot ships in the final frontier… And so much more.

But hey – lets talk about You first. If you`r reading this, and have access to this page – then you are one of our most dedicated fans, who spent 100s of hours with our previous games – be it Dawn of Fantasy, Kingdom Wars, KW2B or the newly release MKW. First of all – thank you for your support over the years, and dedicating so much time to our titles.

And it`s time for us to give back to our loyal fans, by offering you a free copy of Stars End, with full pre-alpha build access years ahead of the full release. We hope that you will find the time to join us, and through your feedback, thanks to make Stars End a true open world SciFi survival masterpiece.

So…the signups. The plan is to start giving out Steam keys later this November. ETA is November 25th. You will relieve a second email from us with the link to getting your copy of Stars End, and all the other details.

As always – Forever Grateful for your support!

Reverie World Studios

  • Jose Alire

    Love games of this type I have been playing Empyrion for a while now would love to see how this one goe the video looked great love the costumes.

    • ReverieWorld

      Jose Alire,

      Thanks for the kind words, and comparison to Empyrion is flattering. I got a feeling we`ll hear a lot more about this, though I think once players finally get into the game it`ll become clearer that we are going in quite a different direction from Empyrion.

      • Jose Alire

        Yes it looks very different and you are on the right path multi-player I have seen a lot of these types of games all different Space survival and a few that dont have multiplayer that is were the fun is in our group the core is 5 we try out different Space survival games when you are with a group it is great and for Devs to engage with readers and possibles players that is a thumbs up for me.

  • jpr974

    Great news, I’m a fan of this kind of game, keenly his release, courage to the developers.

    • ReverieWorld

      Hey Jpr964, thanks for the support!

  • Angel Salvat

    i want a key if it´s possible

    • ReverieWorld

      Hey Angel – It`s possible, if you are either veteran of our previous games, or have time to be a dedicated tester. In 10 days or so we`ll make a post about
      dedicated tester sign-up, as well as early build access for veterans of
      our previous games. In both cases you could get access within a couple of weeks.

      • Angel Salvat

        it will be an honor to be dedicated tester, i have a lot of free time for play 🙂

  • Александр Жакевич

    Нечего не понятно =)

    • ReverieWorld

      Aleksandr, luchshe posmotrit` na nashe Steam stranichke, tam est` polni` RU perevod. Izvinite za Ruglish, shas ne v office.

      • Александр Жакевич


  • ruslansg

    Hi need testers ?

    • ReverieWorld

      Hey Ruslansg – yeah absolutely. In 10 days or so we`ll make a post about
      dedicated tester sign-up, as well as early build access for veterans of

      our previous games. In both cases you could get access within a couple of weeks.

  • grahame arnold davis

    i cant wait to play this im quite enjoying your other title MKW quitte fun and willing to help out [As its more my style of game] but will waiting for test sign up sheet and hope im lucky

    peace out


  • Freak Mouse

    I’d really like to join the testers team!!! 🙂

  • David Chavez

    Another dedicated tester at the ready!

  • Marcio Moniz

    well if you still got room for 1 more i will love to broadcast it and play it in daily basis
    email. marciomoniz@hotmail!

  • jpr974
    Bonjour à la communauté et aux développeurs de Stars End, je suis volontaire pour tester le jeu et rapporter les beugs et mes impressions. A bientôt
    Hello to the community and developers of Stars End, I am willing to test the game and report the beugs and my impressions. See you soon

  • msnyper

    Когда уже тэст?

    • Александр Жакевич

      Кода нибудь )))

  • Luuk Kramer

    I’d love to be a tester. I just heard about this today and im really hyped. I am a big player of openworld sandbox games, like Space Engineers. And I’ve been waiting for a better game. So I’d love to help and get an early look at the game!

  • Ragman74

    Happy to help with testing, keep us posted what is required… 🙂


    I’m really interesting in to smaller games with new mechanics and ideas! Im soo borred of AAA games, just about graphic and full of nonsense. I was or I,m tester of junk league, War Thunder (US tanks, Ships), Crossout, ARK, Survive the night , Dreadnought, WoT, Armored Warfare and others and Im interesting to the ludology. That can be helpful. So as you can guess, I really want to see your game too! Open World, survival, sandbox that’s so sweet. Btw I’m czech and I can share your game there.

  • almighty_hood

    looking forwards to testing this game for you, hope to see your email key soon 🙂 thanks for the fun and games so far..

  • hirnschuss

    its so great to see what happen in the meantime to this great game, im looking forward, thx.

  • Joe

    looks like this will be fun looking forward to alpha testing

  • Ron Kitchen

    I would Like to get in on this game pls and ty.

  • Nicolas Plomb


    Je suis vivement intéréssé par votre jeu , il a l’air sympas , si je pouvais avoir une clé pour alpha et bêta, j’y jouerais avec plaisir tout en vous faisant des retours sur les différents bugs et différentes suggestions afin de l’améliorer….

    En effet je suis un passionné des jeux qui se déroulent dans l’espace….

    Si vous pouvez me donner cette occasion je serai comblé….

  • steven

    i would love to get and invite and start playing has the invites stared yet?

  • ReverieWorld

    Hey guys – the signups (well the first phase) are now open. Please check this post here:

  • Gene R Morin

    This really looks awesome and I can’t wait to play. I wish steam put this on it’s front pages, I’m just seeing this game now. This looks to be one of the best new games to be coming out and just from watching the trailers then I’ll have it on release day. I would be happy to play alpha so yeah i would love to get a key but if not, no worries I’ll still be getting it on release day. It looks like an Awesome game guys. I just know you will make it happen. Good luck. Later.

  • MrSebby13

    I volunteer for testing

  • takdog

    wants keyz

  • takdog

    nuthin from this guy for like 6 months….is this a dead project ?