Major Update this week

Hey Everyone,

It`s been quite here lately as we`ve been working on a major update over the past several weeks. Finally we are nearing completion and expect the update to go live later this week. Changes are massive, too many to preview really, but lets just say that this will be a massive step forward. Some of the major features include:

-Completing the solar system, with 5 planets, 4 moons, 1 gas giant, 3 major space station hubs, full ferry network between all planets, stations and moons, final positions for planets
-New planet designs, vegetation and more
-Populating space with asteroids, massive asteroid belts
-Completely rework of the GUI
-Foundation of a massive crafting system with 314 items and receipts (not everything will be operational yet)

This update also takes care of a lot of other work under the hood that will allow us to introduce more creatures, items, crafting receipts and 100s of randomized space station in the follow up update later in March.

So yeah – soon:) Hoping to bring this update live in 48 hours, and polish it up towards the end of the week

  • How can i try you beautiful project ?
    I’m a big fan of games about the cosmic universe. I am the author of a small (yet) YouTube channel for Russian-speaking gamers. Now I’m playing Empyrion – Galactic Survival, and made a lot of video tutorials about it. I would be very happy to look at your today`s product and make a review for You. Don’t worry, I know what NDA is. With great respect. GEEKso.
    And one more question. Do you planning an partner program for content authors (Twitch, YouTube) ?

  • no hjk

    im following but im not buying yet! Continue to update the game and i might consider it. Im going to make you work for it if you want my money. Im not going to get burned by yet another EA game. Not going to happen!