Invites and Testers (Updated!)

Hey Everyone,

As development is picking up Steam we are ready to invite first of our hardcore fans to join us, and help us with early testing. There are two mainstream ways to get into the game from January 3rd. But for these interested in starting to play today and helping us out – we got you covered.

How to join right now
Send us an email to, titled: Stars End Testing Request

Inside please include a link to you Steam profile (a picture if your profile is Private).

If you have played any of our Kingdom War games before, please note that, and include a picture with your hours with our games.

Also please include couple of sentences as to how you can help us with testing Stars End this early on (previous experience with similar games e.t.c)

You will hear from us within 72 hours with your game key.

But please keep in mind that our early access launch is yet to be announced next year, and Stars End is in extremely early development.

[b]Streamlined Access on January 3rd[/b]
Now for a quick and easy way to join you`ll need to wait until January 3rd.

First way is to join the dedicated tester signups. We will have the forum up on January 3rd. They`ll be live on our official website
You`ll need to enter quite a bit of info to show your interest in the game.

Second way is automatic for these who are true veterans of our previous games and have accumulated quite a few hours (well over a hundred) with our titles. We`ll be sending out email invites on January 3rd, with an automated way for you to grab your steam key and start playing.

If you have any questions, please drop by our forums, we`ll be glad to help.

As always – Forever Grateful for your support!