Soon To be Announced


Welcome to Stars End official website. While current under construction we expect to finally announce this game later this November. Stars End has been in development for quite a while, and we can`t wait to finally share this with the world.

Stars End is a multiplayer sci-fi survival game set hundreds of years in the future, in a star system colonized by humans escaping their dying home world.

Start with basic supplies and find a way into space – without any loading screens! Players will have the opportunity to travel the system to seek out resources, completing missions and uncovering mysteries – while building strongholds in space and planetside, continually facing the danger of other players.

  • daniel stone

    if i could get acces to test the game i test alot and would love to try this i paly alot of games similiar and would give great feedback also a streamer

  • Homer Spartacus Victis Brown

    just wondered will this have xbox control support